Omega Super Chromega C

OMEGA Super Chromega C Dichroic


Introduced: 1972
Discontinued: 1980

The Super Chromega C Dichroic lamphouse was introduced in 1972 mounted on a new chassis then designated simply as the “C,” but later known as the C67. It provided a medium format version of the Chromega D for use in professional labs. The unusual feature was that filtration adjustment was controlled by sliders rather than dials.


It featured a 150 w quartz-halogen lamp, 0-170cc filtration, interchangeable mixing chambers, stabilized external power supply, and covered formats up to 6x7cm. It was only ever fitted to the C67 chassis, and no adapters were provided for other enlargers.


Used Advice: This is a professional quality unit and is very reliable, but parts for it have been discontinued for some time, and since this model is relatively rare, it should be checked for completeness and that it’s in good working order.

Features & Specifications
Modular lamphouse accepts Colour, VCCE, and B&W filtration modules 
Fully counterbalanced elevation system 
Carriage reverses for floor projection 
Reference Scale on column 
Laminated, steel reinforced baseboard 
Rugged die-cast lens stage 
Right and left hand focus controls 
Fine Focus adjustment on right-side knob 
Reversible, rotating threaded lensboard system 
250W Quartz-Halogen Lamp 
Stabilized Power Supply 
White Light lever for image composition and focusing (Dichroic & VCCE) 
Maximum Film Format:4″ x 5″
Column Height:135cm
Maximum Height (carriage fully extended):149.5cm
Baseboard Dimensions:60 x 80cm
Max. Magnification on baseboard – 35mm negative with 50mm lens:21X
Weight (approx.):31kg
Enlarger Heads
94577452L Enlarger with Dichroic Colour ModuleC
94607452L Enlarger with VCCE Variable Contrast ModuleC
94777452L Enlarger with B&W Diffusion ModuleC
Major ComponentsStatus
403-822Super Chromega C Dichroic Lamphouse with power supplyD
Negative Carriers
Glass Carriers
451004″x 5″ Glass Negative CarrierC
4503535mm Glass Negative CarrierK
46001Bottom Glass for 4″x 5″ Glass Carrier (replacement)C
46003Anti-Newton Top Glass for 4″x 5″ Glass Carrier (replacement)C
Glassless Carriers
4513535mm Glassless Negative Carrier (standard 24x36mm)C
4533535mm Glassless Negative Carrier (oversize 26x38mm)K
4522235mm Mounted Slide Glassless CarrierC
45235Xpan Format (24x65mm) Glassless Negative CarrierK
456456×4.5cm Glassless Negative CarrierC
456666x6cm Glassless Negative CarrierC
456776x7cm Glassless Negative CarrierC
456996x9cm Glassless Negative CarrierC
454504″x 5″ Glassless Negative CarrierC
Lens Mounts
32525mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
33232.5mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
30039mm “Leica” Threaded Reversible LensboardC
33939mm “Fine” Threaded Reversible LensboardK
34242mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
35050mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
35353mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
35555mm Threaded Reversible LensboardK
412-025Stabilized Power Supply (replacement)DL
429-188CA-Type 35mm Light Mixing ChamberD
429-187CC-Type 2¼”x2¾” (6x7cm) Mixing Chamber (replacement)D
471-033Quartz Halogen Reflector Lamp, 150W 21VC


C – Current Item

DL – Discontinued, but limited quantities still available

D – Discontinued, item no longer available

K – KHB Photografix exclusive